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Past Projects

Forest of Ancestors by KA Denver

Eli is not your average witch. He is a member of a group of elite male warriors fighting evil entities that torment the non-magical world. However, when one of their leaders is murdered, questions are raised and an ancient foe of Dark Witches, who was previously thought to be long gone, reappears. It will take all their abilities to defeat this enemy with the possible help of an unlikely ally. Knowing the past will lead them to an unexpected revelation which erupts into a battle unlike any other. Eli is about to discover all is not as it seems, and life has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. 

In Forest of Ancestors, the first book of The Guardians series, K.A. Denver weaves magic, romance, and betrayal into a thrilling fantasy with a contemporary flair.

Witness List by Robert Lance

The Federal Witness Protection Program has been hacked and the current information of the witnesses in the program is being auctioned to the highest bidder on the internet. A murderous crime spree ensues as witnesses are turning up dead. Marshal Kevin Wayne, the program manager, becomes the prime suspect since the hack was made from his work station. To clear his name and uncover the auctioneer, Kevin goes undercover, assuming the identity of a witness who died years earlier. Kevin is hiding in plain sight as he attempts to rescue the next victim.

He has the assistance of Alison Weber, his immediate subordinate. She secretly provides clues when the next auction will occur and who is the likely victim. When Alison discovers that Catalina Chavez, the former girlfriend of a Colombian drug lord has hit the auction, Kevin is conflicted. Catalina Chavez is the woman he expelled from the program after she failed to testify in court. The race is on to find her before an assassin does. His search for Catalina turns up one surprise after another while the auctioneer sets loose his own search for Kevin Wayne.

Witness List is a deadly game of hide and seek, where the participants are blind to who is hiding and who is seeking.

Christmas Radio Interludes by Ryan Cooper

Featuring nearly a dozen different characters these voices interrupt the music that plays in the line to see Santa Claus at The St. Charles Christmas Traditions Festival.

The Last Portal by C.S. Einfeld, and Aaron Einfeld

Elliot and Samantha Seaver think they're ordinary kids, but they're wrong. Not only do they come from a family of interstellar superheroes, but, thanks to a freak accident, they're now the most powerful beings in the solar system. They just don't know it, yet.

Chaos, the evil Necrovore, is bent on devouring the Earth. He's killed Sam and Elliot's father, and now he's trying to kill their grandfather.

Their only hope of rescuing him lies in using the last portal, a miraculous, alien device that oops! Sam's gone and broken.

Somehow, Sam and Elliot must fix the portal, rescue Grandpa, defeat Chaos, and save the planet, all before Mom figures out what they're up to

The House of Branching Paths by Mark Killmer and Carol Anne Miller

This emersive storytelling podcast seeks to honor and celebrate the ancient tradition of storytelling by inviting you to sit down by the fire with two mysterious storytelling masters. Join these members of The Circle and allow yourself to be whisked off and away to the wonderous lands of fairytale and literature.

Krampus Nacht Radio Interludes by Mark Killmer

Similar to the Christmas Radio Interludes these darker character voices interrupt the music that plays in the line to see Krampus during the nights of the Krampus Karnival at The St. Charles Christmas Traditions Festival.

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